Summerly sounds on the 10k track

Vona Bunt – with German songs straight to your heart

Vona Bunt will accompany the runners of the 10k run with summerly sounds. All seven band members will play on June 16 at the Tuebingen public pool.
Their urban and neo-hippie tunes will guarantee an energetic atmosphere for the run. Founded by Yvi Szoncsò and Gabriel Illert in Stuttgart in 2014, Vona Bunt combines catchy pop songs with deep and authentic German texts. Lead singer Yvi lets her violin add a certain ring to the songs that are perfect for dancing as well as dreaming. The seven friends of Vona Bond are hip, lively and a bit different – and that is exactly what they want to be. The main characteristics of this prizewinning band from Stuttgart are their inventive stage decorations, such as big, self-made illuminated letters or a sparkling blue violin bow, plus a talented lead singer – who is able to play the violin and sing simultaneously – and background singers with powerful voices.
In their first years, they won several band competitions, such as Emergenza (Südwestdeutschlandsieger 2015), the Dennis Ward Competition (Winner of 2016), the street music festival in Herrenberg (Winner of 2017) and the Vita Cola Tour (Winner of 2016). As part of the Vita Cola tour the seven friends went on their first club tour in October 2016 with their newly released debut album “Bis nach Berlin”. They are now looking forward to their first television appearance on SWR in September 2018.


Foto: Bastian Kratzke