Soundtrack event shall be established as the most familiar, emotional and inspiring athletic contest in Germany

Tübingen, the city in the Neckar-Alb region, is different. This is exactly why “Soundtrack”, the international athletics festival in the SV03 stadium on June 16th 2018, will be unlike any other sport event as well. “Everyone can participate in this sports festival, professional athletes as well as amateurs. The sports enthusiasts can cheer for the professional ones – and the other way around”, explains the organiser of “Soundtrack”, Tom Schleich. He has convinced 200 athletes from over 30 countries to participate in the festival. They will be joined by 1500 amateur athletes in the jumping and running competitions.
Top athletes, such as the star runner Gregor Traber, steeplechaser Gesa Krause and high jumper Marie-Laurence Jungfleisch from Germany, will take part in the competitions from 16:45 on. Multiple world champion in 800meters, Mohammed Aman (Ethiopia), and high jumper Yuliya Levchenko (Ukraine), who won second place in the world cup and who is also the top favourite for the European championship in Berlin 2018, will attend from abroad. “The international athletics scene will compete at the Soundtrack festival”, says TV legend Wolf-Dieter Poschmann. The former presenter of the German TV show “Sportstudio” will host the Soundtrack festival in the stadium. First, the sports event will be all about popular sports. The 10k run for amateur runners will start at 2 pm and the Baden-Wuerttemberg U20 championships will take place afterwards.
What makes “Soundtrack” so special is that the viewers are closer to the top athletes than at any other event. A solidly installed stand and two massive steel tube installations inside the stadium will be build specifically for the festival. One in front of the high jump area and one in front of the pole vault area. “Nowhere else can viewers be that close to the stars”, says organiser Schleich. They are able to see the competitions from the stands as well as from the inside of the stadium, which is the football pitch of the SV03 Tübingen. Schleich promises: “Others advertise their events with this, but at our event it is truly the case: World and European Champions are really close and approachable for the viewers.” The competitions will be broadcasted live on a huge LED video screen and on a couple of smaller LED screens. The event will also be broadcasted via the internet.
“There are a lot of athletics events but our Soundtrack event shall be established as a family event that is the most emotional and inspiring athletic contest in Germany”, wishes mayor Boris Palmer. The politician from the Green Party will open the event on June 16th. Afterwards, Poschmann will take over and will guide through the program.
The athletes themselves are also looking forward to this extraordinary event. “I am super excited to run for my home sports club LAV Stadtwerke Tübingen”, says Gregor Traber who is based in Leipzig nowadays. Eight times German and reigning European champion, Gesa Krause, is particularly inspired by Tübingen. “I was already impressed by the setting at the 10k run in Tübingen two years ago”, recalls the steeplechaser. “Now I am really looking forward to a combination of action, sports and entertainment!” For Marie-Laurence Jungfleisch, who expects a duel with Yuliya Levchenko, the “Soundtrack” festival is the final test for the European championship in August. “The atmosphere, the blue racing track, my expectations to win a medal – for me, Tübingen is a little European championship”, explains the athlete from Stuttgart. In any case, the European Championship “Berlin 2018” is the official partner of the “Soundtrack” and will bring its mascot “Berlino” in preparation for the competitions in Berlin to Tübingen.
Runners can still apply for the 10k run “Soundtrack10k ( and visit the event afterwards free of charge. Tickets for viewers can be bought online for 8 euros (